About Carina



Adept at both Mac and PC

Web and graphic design

Teaching information literacy

LGBTQ studies

Science fiction and fantasy

My Story


I have always loved helping people.  There's something so energizing about a thank you and a smile from someone who needed help.  I have helped people in many different positions, but librarianship calls to me the most.


Libraries are about service and education. They are about empowering people to help themselves and connecting people with their own communities.  A person who has been taught how to use a library well is a powerful person indeed.


I never know what someone is going to ask me when I'm working in the library, providing a voracious learner like myself with endless fun.  And when I get a challenging question I truly enjoy brainstorming solutions. 


I also enjoy working in teams and discovering the talents of others; matching them with projects that allow those talents to really shine.  Working in a library allows me to do all of this and more.

When I'm not in my library you can find me gaming, performing, knitting, or designing something.